Located in a place of unique beauty, Cabanas do Barranco wants to contribute to the development and dissemination of leisure activities in the Outes region, in addition to the revitalization of tourism in the area and the recovery of traditional activities related to the seafaring culture. This place is the central hub of the tourist activities available in the region and it offers the option of staying in "Cabanas do Barranco", 8 ecologic and unique apartments built amid the branches of the trees. Furthermore, we have an additional building that operates as a classroom and is equipped to host marine cooking classes in order to offer our guests a different stay.

The offer ranges from small groups to a maximum of 24 people. Families with children, couples or groups of friends looking for a place to enjoy and learn about marine gastronomy, the sea, rivers and nature, and at the same time, be able to practice leisure activities while enjoying ecological accommodations amid the branches of trees.

Considering the seasonal nature of each activity, we prepare different packages of activities + accommodation for each season, depending on what nature and the sea have to offer us at each time.


The ria of Muros and Noia is the northernmost and best preserved of the Rías Baixas. It creates a unique setting for a seafaring adventure. It was the traditional port of Compostela from the 11th century on and it produced experienced sailors and a rich tradition linked to the Atlantic.

It is protected from the prevailing winds on the Galician coast behind the Sierra do Barbanza, so its waters offer an excellent environment for calm sailing during any season of the year.

Its coast offers us a landscape dotted with dozens of beaches and coves with fine sand, cliffs guarded by old lighthouses and spaces of proven ecological value such as the Lagoa de Monte Louro or the Esteiro do Tambre.

Its waters are the main source of income of the counties and towns that are around it: the shoreline carpentry workshops in Freixo, the "on foot" shellfish gatherers collecting cockles, the fleet of traditional boats that fill with color "os Lombos do Freixo" (the backs of Freixo) tracking bivalves, the boats that return to port and the colorful activity of the fish markets.

The history of the ria is immortalized in stone: the Castro de Baroña guards its entrance and is a landmark of the Castro culture, the historic center of Villa de Noia, the seafaring nucleus of Villa de Muros, which was declared a historic-artistic site, the fisheries along the Freixo shore and several buildings that once upon a time were dedicated to salting and canning, old mills, carpentry workshops, etc.


Nuestras Actividades

Talleres en grupo

La oferta va desde grupos pequeños hasta un máximo de 24 personas. Familias con niños, parejas o grupos de amigos que busquen un lugar donde disfrutar y aprender de la gastronomía marinera, del mar, del río y de la naturaleza, y al mismo tiempo, poder practicar actividades de ocio y tiempo libre con el complemento del alojamiento ecológico entre los árboles.

Actividades profesionales hostelería

Diseñados para profesionales del sector de la hostelería, se trata de talleres en los que además de un espacio didáctico en el que formarse y compartir sus experiencias, se les ofrece los alojamientos singulares y la ruta en velero por la ría como complemento. Estas actividades tienen como producto básico el mejillón de la ría.

Crucero Gastronómico

A bordo del Joaquín Vieta ofrecemos una jornada gastronómica muy especial y exclusiva, consistente en la navegación por la ría Muros y Noia. Además de disfrutar del mar y paisajes, se realiza un desembarco guiado por la anfitriona que hace que los participantes gocen de una experiencia inolvidable.

Actividades en el mar

Deportes: kayak, canoa, vela, windsurf. Pesca sin muerte, etc…