About us

Cabañitas del Bosque

Our journey began with Casa Rural Perfeuto María, a cottage in the village of Cabana Moura (Outes). What initially began as source of side income has grown to become a solid company that continues to grow thanks to a commitment to quality, innovation, professionalism, and constant improvement.

The addition of the younger generations to our company ensures that this project will be able to continue.

As an example of our policy of continual innovation, within three years of opening Casa Rural Perfeuto María, we began to operate Cabanas de Carmen, also in Cabana Moura. This unique establishment doubled our tourist offering and allowed us to begin accommodating groups.

We also began to offer additional activities and active tourism by restoring and creating several hiking trails in the surrounding area, as well as developing a series of geocaching activities.

Continuing with this policy of innovation and improvement of our tourist offering, in 2013 we developed a pilot project combining lodging and a nature experience called Cabaniñas do Bosque. These unique and pioneering accommodations in Galicia consist of three apartments constructed in the trees. The structures are of great architectural quality, environmentally designed and built, and very respectful of the landscape and the territory where they are located.

The success of this experience and the aforementioned policy of expansion and constant improvement led us to develop Cabanas do Barranco, Cabanas de Broña and Cabanas sen Barreiras.