Centro de Actividades Mariñeras

Thursday, February 27, 2020

As you’ll have noticed if you’ve looked through our website, we’re proud of the care we take in designing each of our buildings, from our innovative remodel and rehabilitation of Casa Perfeuto Maria to our eco-friendly, light-filled treehouses. We worked closely with our architecture and engineering partners, Salgado e Liñares, to create structures that work with their environment, both visually and in terms of sustainable building practices. For example, to minimize impact on the environment from the construction process, the treehouses were mostly assembled off-site, and then trucked in to the property to be assembled like puzzles.

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What to do in Noia

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The coastal town of Noia is a wonderful stop to include in your visit to our area. Depending on which of our properties you’re staying at, it is about a 15-minute drive (or less) away. Noia has been a working port town for over a thousand years and is famous for its seafood, but on top of that it also has plenty to offer to visitors interested in history, architecture, and Galician culture. Many visitors familiar with southern Spain find towns like Noia a welcome change from the more tourist-oriented beach towns you’ll find further south, as it feels more authentic and accessible.

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Enjoy a treehouse near the beach: Cabana da Vitareira

Monday, February 3, 2020

Praia de Broña, or Broña beach, is just a few metres away from our Cabañas de Broña property. It’s a beautiful white sand beach with calm, relatively shallow water perfect for families or a romantic beach getaway. You’ll find plenty of ways to fill your time, including well-marked beach paths, picnic areas, and of course just enjoying the sun and sand during the summer.  Our property is right by the beach, affording you easy access and lovely views of the water. We have four treehouses at our Cabañas de Broña property, each with its own charms, but today we’d like to highlight one: Cabana de Vitareira.

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Make your Stay Special

Thursday, Januaty 23, 2020

When you stay with us, we want your experience to be magical, whether it’s a romantic weekend away or a family holiday. To that end, we offer a variety of little extra touches you can choose to make your stay extra luxurious. 

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Our Marine Environment

Tuesday, Januaty 21, 2020

The area around Outes is characterized by the iconic rías of Spain’s northern coast. The rías are long estuaries where the saltwater of the Atlantic meets the fresh water of an inland river, creating a unique marine environment that supports a very specific range of marine life.

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Making Nature Accessible: Cabanas sen Barreiras

Tuesday, Januaty 14, 2020

We’re proud of our work to bring the experience of our unique environment to everyone. One of our more recent innovations was the construction of a new set of treehouses that we call Cabanas sen Barreiras. These six treehouses have all the magic of our other properties, but without barriers to access. We built them on the side of the mountain so that most can be accessed via a level ramp rather than stairs, while still soaring as high as 6 metres above the ground thanks to the slope.

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About Us

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Do Artesanato is a family business that started in 1998 with just one property: Casa Rural Perfeuto Maria, a restored 18thcentury country home. Since then we have grown and expanded, but we never lose sight of our focus on providing excellent accommodations in harmony with the environment.

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Our Forest

Monday, November 11, 2019

Our treehouses are beautiful, but the true star of any visit to Cabañitas del Bosque is the forested hills around them. Just as Galicia is culturally distinct from Southern Spain, our natural surroundings are also unique. You may find yourself reminded of the Scottish Highlands or even the coast of Norway, but with a distinct Galician feel.

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Complement your stay

Friday, June 8, 2018

Thanks to our unique surroundings, we are confident that your stay in our lodgings will be fantastic, but we can always do something to make it a little more special. That is why we put at your disposal a wide variety of products and services with which to surprise your companions or simply to complement an already pleasant stay.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

It is already known that the best food in Spain is in the north and in Galicia, due to its geographical location and the quality of the products, it is surely the right place for those who love good cuisine.

We have good restaurants in Outes, with a wide variety of gastronomic offers that ensures that anyone who visits us can enjoy a good plate of food. We are going to propose some options and you can choose the one that appeals to you most.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

If there is something Galicia is known for, it is the spectacular coastline, a source of endless gastronomic and scenic riches. We can possibly boast of having many of the best beaches in Spain, nothing unusual if we look at the coastal relief, which combines distinctive geographical features, such as our famous rias, capes and islands, with the forests that watch them from above and that are the perfect icing on a natural landscape that is second to none.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May 17 is a very special date for all Galicians, especially for those of us that speak Galician, because it is Galician Literature Day. This day serves, above all, to feel proud of our language, but also to pay tribute to all those who fought and continue fighting to keep it alive, great writers that use Galician as the working language in their works.

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