Pallal O Forniño

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This accommodation is totally different from the rest, not only from the aesthetic viewpoint but also the experience itself. This is a pallal(barn) built of stone and wood that was originally a carpenter’s shop on the banks of the river where small traditional boats were built. Years later it was remodelled for use as a music studio, with views of the sea and all the comforts of our other accommodation, but with some special features that make it very different and intended for a very specific kind of guest.

Among its unusual features is a magnificent stereo system with a large collection of music (mostly vinyl) that is synchronised with a big bathtub which vibrates in time with the music, to be enjoyed in total darkness. Another feature of this accommodation is the water you drink. Yes, something as simple and important as the quality of the water. Because of the hydrogenerator installed here, you will have hydrogenated water (water enriched with hydrogen), which has some very positive properties for our bodies. And lastly, we should mention the high quality mattress, which guarantees complete rest.

*Note: Pets are not accepted in this accommodation

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